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Charity partnership

Charity partnership helps young people get ‘Set for Success’

July 12, 2023

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A partnership that includes Youth Sport Trust will be supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with athlete mentorship sessions. The aim of the programme is to inspire them with the development of valuable life and leadership skills.

Wimbledon Foundation and Barclays Bank have combined to expand the initial pilot to include more than 100 schools. The programme, named Set for Success, has now expanded from 15 to 150 schools over the last four years, benefiting up to 3,900 pupils across 30 UK regions.

Vice Principal at Redwood Park Academy, a school that joined the programme in 2020, added:

“The values that Wimbledon are promoting – resilience, communication and independence – is what underpins our whole curriculum, to get students ready for adulthood and employment.”


More than 70% of young people in its initial phase recorded a stronger array of skills for success in the future. On the employment front, 82% felt more positive about their future employment.

To find out more about the programme, see here.

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