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Chiles Webster Batson Commission

Commission finds that sport is detrimental to young people in low-income households

November 21, 2022

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The Chiles Webster Batson Commission has released its findings on sport in low-income areas. The commission was developed to explore some of the inequalities experienced by children and young people in low-income areas. The report has since offered its findings and recommendations for those young people with lower access to sport.

The commission gathered evidence from community workers, young people and experts from across sectors. At a reception at The House of Lords, visited by MPs and celebrities, they revealed their findings and recommendations. They had examined in part how sport had been used to mitigate health and social inequalities.

Among the findings delivered by the commission were:

  • Many community projects were underfunded and resourced
  • Children and young people need safe, inclusive environments to engage in
  • There could be a considerable social cost if community hubs are lost


To find out more about this report and the findings, see here.

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