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exercise and fitness

Continued research shows the positive impact of exercise and fitness on lifestyles

October 26, 2023

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Two reports were recently released that show how exercise and fitness can make a big difference to lifestyles. The World Health Organisation has released its first report on high blood pressure. The report argues that exercise is the best preventative method to deal with the condition.

The University of East Finland found that children who took part in organised physical activity and sport during their first two years had better reasoning skills than their peers. Coupled with better nutrition, these children spent more time reading and benefitted more than those who didn’t have this kind of support engagement.

The report released by WHO, called the Global Report on Hypertension: The Race Against a Silent Killer, shows that Hypertension, or high blood pressure impacts four out of five people across the globe. The primary recommendation is for physical activity to be used as a main preventative measure. It cites 76 million premature deaths that could be averted between 2023 and 2050.

This comes as a new study claiming that “sleepers” that pay for gym memberships, but don’t attend, like the option to go if they want to. Even though they don’t use their memberships, 23% of people will keep them anyway. Another 16% keep their memberships just for the good feeling it gives them.

The connection between fitness, cognition and lifestyle improvements continued to be proved through studies. They show that physical activity is one of the main ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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