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UK Fitness Industry Report

Evolve conference reveals rise in Uk fitness industries market value

July 24, 2023

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Despite the reduction in health clubs in the UK, the market value of the fitness industry is at an all-time high. The figures in the annual State of the UK Fitness Industry Report were published by the Leisure Database Company at the Evolve conference.

Figures show that market value up to March 2023 has increased by 11.5%, larger than any other in a 12-month period. Monthly membership fees have also seen a rise, with revenues boosted by 3.9% as a result of new members.

Budget chains have been the most successful, with Pure Gym and The Gym Group growing their cadre of gyms within this period. The average price of gyms is just under £45, with London having the highest average price of £69.81 and Yorkshire and Humber being the most affordable at £35.52.

David Minton, founder of Leisure DB, added that a leaner industry might have been good for the sector:

“These results show that a newly-hones fitness sector emerging from the pandemic, leaner yet arguably stronger and more resilient. Although the devil is in the detail, they suggest that the pandemic, inflation and higher energy costs will, in the long term, be seen to be good for the industry.”


To find out more or read the report, see here.

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