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Fitness is the most popular physical activity globally, according to a study by Ipsos for the World Economic Forum

September 8, 2021

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As we inch closer to National Fitness Day on the 22nd of September, a recent study from IPSOS and conducted with the World Economic Forum has found that fitness is the most popular form of exercising in the world.

The study’s conclusion that many people find it difficult to find time to exercise indicates that more could be done to create avenues for exercise for busy people.

The Global Views on Exercise and Team Sports found that 50% of people would like to spend more time doing exercise out of the 29 countries that were polled. Countries included Brazil, The UK, The Netherlands, India and Japan.

Men were found to spend more time doing exercise, 1.5 more hours than women at 5.4 hours. 20% of those in the study included fitness as part of their weekly dose of sport, with running at 19%, cycling at 13%, and Football and Swimming at 10% and 9% respectively.

To find out more about how this study could help your business, see here.

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