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Great coaching comeback

‘Great coaching comeback to support coaches’

June 11, 2021

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This week celebrates coaches across the country as we move towards reopening this month. The campaign, running from the 7th of June through to the 13th, will focus on the coaches in the sector, greatly affected by the disruption.

For many, the pandemic brought new challenges: from working virtually to financial uncertainty caused by ongoing restrictions. Coaches across the sector have come to question their identity, left or considered leaving the profession altogether.

The campaign named, ‘The Great Coaching Comeback’ is a testament to these struggles and is aimed at supporting coaches, highlighting their importance in everyday life.

With new research finding strong links between regular sport and children’s ability to control their emotions, coaches and sports professionals are more important than ever.

Alison Oliver, CEO of the Youth Sport Trust, can attest to the importance of improving outcomes for children. Find out more about her thoughts on the broad remit sports and quality coaching has on The Drive Phase podcast, this Monday.

UK Coaching has launched a survey to assess the level of disruption. The focus will be on proactive structures and methods based on what coaches need to get them back to delivering quality sports and physical activity. You can access the survey here.

UK Coaching’s Director of Coaching Emma Watkins, has stressed the importance of assessing the effect the disruption has had, she added:

“At this stage, we do not know how many coaches will return to the profession. It is likely to be less than before the pandemic, so we want to show the sector, the public and the government, the types of challenges the coaching workforce have faced over the past 12 months and work together to support them to return, ensuring we have a workforce of happy and healthy coaches across the UK.”

UK Coaching Weeks’ nominations are currently open for the UK Coaching Hero Awards Initiative which calls on partners and other supporting bodies to show their commitment to the five pillars that make up great coaching: Safeguarding, Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health and Wellbeing.

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