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Ground-breaking research establishes best times of day to exercise

March 7, 2022

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A new study launched aims to understand how exercise performed at different times of the day can impact the body. The research, performed by an international team of scientists, will focus on mapping health promotion in molecules. The research has showcased the wider implications on sleep, memory, exercise performance, and metabolic homeostasis.

Broadly, this research could provide activities partners and the schools in their network support for flexibility in sports delivery. Physical education has often been relegated to afternoons, however, this research would pinpoint the impacts of exercise on various times of the day, leading to a greater understanding of the impact physical activity on wider academic goals.

Co-author Jonas Thue Treebak, an associate professor at the Centre for Basic Metabolic Research at the University of Copenhagen, regards the research as unique to the field. Current evidence shows that it could lead to a deeper understanding of how tissues communicate with each other. Faulty circadian rhythms are one of the key areas linked to obesity and type 2 diabetes, a characteristic of their failure as tissues to communicate properly.

Liz Terry, editor of the HCM, added:

“It will now be possible to design exercise schedules to enable members and customers to achieve specific outcomes in terms of wellbeing, enabling operators to significantly raise their game in terms of delivering benefits to customers.”


To find out more about the research, see here.

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