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Physical Activity

Initiative launched to find new ways to overcome inequalities in physical activity

May 7, 2021

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Ideas to Action is a new initiative designed to tackle inequalities in physical activity across the UK. Whilst the inequalities are not new, many of them were brought to the fore by pandemic restrictions.

The new programme is designed therefore to tackle those most likely to be living in physical activity poverty, low-income people, girls or Women, the BAME community, disabled people and those with long-term health conditions.

The programmes’ focus is on changing the status quo, designing new solutions to get people most at risk, active. Delivered by the Design Council, supported by Sport England, and funded by the National Lottery, it will bring together Ideas to Action participants with design experts to develop their ideas, projects, products or services.

To build lasting change, the programme is asking for people with great ideas on how to tackle inequality to apply to work with the Design Council with a view to producing new ideas.

Ideas to Action will over 6 months, be learning and sharing ideas through interactive workshops, one-to-one coaching and a range of online learning resources.

Whilst getting people active generally is important, Ideas to Action will be focussed on tackling these four challenge areas:

  • Community change that seeks to create safer places and neighbourhoods
  • Inclusive design that works to produce accessible information for physical activity
  • Creating virtual and physical opportunities for people to socialise through physical activity
  • Tackling digital exclusion by ensuring the accessibility of online resources


To find out more and support these initiatives, see here for more information.

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