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Garmin’s Connect Fitness Report 2022

New report from Garmin highlights exercise trends in 2022

January 30, 2023

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Garmin’s Connect Fitness Report 2022 was released last month with a strong indication that people have returned to pre-pandemic levels of activity. Garmin, a leading creator of sports technology, has found that its users have largely returned to their pre-pandemic fitness habits.

The findings were taken from Garmin Connect, an app which allows users to track and share their fitness activities. The company has sold more than 250 million Garmin devices since it launched in 1989.

The report added that Garmin found that the data showed growth in indoor activities that can’t be performed at home. These included rock climbing, indoor swimming and gym-based HIIT workouts. Meanwhile, home-based workouts such as yoga or indoor cycling, which spiked during the pandemic, have now stabilised.

To find out more about this report, see here.

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