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Ofsted chief’s after-school club plea: Teachers must make time for sports and trips to help children’s social skills that have been harmed by Covid lockdowns

October 6, 2021

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Ofsted has called for schools to make a continued effort to bring back sports, trips and clubs for the sake of children’s social skills as the new school term progresses.

Ofsted Chief Amanda Speilman has suggested the idea of extending the school day to bring back multiple ‘once cherished’ activities and give children a chance at rekindling some of their social skills.

This comes as experts have found that children’s language, social skills, and physical fitness have been seriously hampered by lockdowns. As much as academics will be important, there are huge benefits to be gained for children overcoming shyness and a lack of confidence within after school clubs and similar structures.

Along with the children’s minister and Amanda Spielman, Chief Inspector of schools added:

“With extra-curricular activities halted, children have lost out on learning soft skills such as listening to others, speaking well and problem-solving.”

For more information on the importance of extra-curricular activities for young children, see here.

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