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Swimming Clubs

Relief Fund launched to support swimming clubs

February 17, 2021

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The Swimathon Foundation has launched a Covid-19 fund for the second time to help clubs and schools affected by the pandemic. Aimed at supporting smaller swimming and aquatic clubs, the grants on offer are between £250 and £1000.

The allocation of an addition £30,000 in grant relief will help provide additional support whilst pools are closed. Due to the success of the previous fund, registered and affiliated swim and aquatic clubs are encouraged to apply.

The focus of the fund is to offer a financial hardship grant to those organisations that are unable to access other funds.

Foundation president and Olympic gold medalist Duncan Goodhew MBE, has committed himself and the foundation to re-asserting the benefits of swimming and aquatics for physical and mental wellbeing. He said:

“I’m so pleased that we are able to help so many last year, but the hard times have not gone away and a huge number of swimming clubs and organisations continue to struggle. These people remain the unsung heroes of the sport and it’s so important that the Swimathon Foundation continues to do all it can to help them get through this.”


To be eligible for the grant you need to fall under one of the following categories:
  1. A registered or affiliated swimming club, aquatics club or swim school
    • Specifically targeting affiliated swimming clubs, aquatic clubs or swim schools who are experiencing short-term financial hardship due to the impact of coronavirus.
    • To be eligible to apply for a grant, you should be an affiliated club (Swim England, Swim Wales, Scottish Swimming, Swim Ulster) or swim school (Swim England, Swim Wales or Swim Ulster) with your
    • National Governing Body in the UK and meet the below criteria:
      • Swimming or aquatics clubs that are eligible to apply should have a membership of 200 or less
      • A swim school with less than 500 swimmers signed up to programmes.
  2. An Independent swimming or aquatics organisation falling outside of National Governing Body governance
    • There are a number of small swimming organisations that will not necessarily be picked up by the National Governing Bodies in the UK. These could fall outside the set criteria of a traditional swimming or aquatics club/swim school or could just simply be working on a far more local level. As with swimming or aquatics club/swim schools, organisations should remain under 200 members in size.

See here for more information about the fund and how to complete your application.

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