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digital fitness on-demand platform

Sport England launches digital fitness on-demand platform

November 5, 2021

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Sport England has launched its own on-demand fitness platform aimed at 13–16-year-old girls. Research performed by the organisation has found that more than 50% of girls in that age group were not meeting the physical activity guidelines set by the Chief Medical Officer.

This research comes as Youth Sport Trust’s analysis of the trends from 2018 to 2021 has shown a growing discomfort amongst girls for doing sport. The report covers barriers to sport for girls which include confidence, menstruation, and even being watched while doing sport.

Sport England has invested 1.5 million in what has been marketed as a “Netflix-style library” of non-competitive and non-traditional activities. Named Studio You, the platform has been created in consultation with teenage girls, PR teachers and is an extension of the sports body’s “This Girl Can” campaign.

The resource provided will provide girls with a positive experience of PE, helping them build relationships with being active in a way that is fun and engaging. Kate Dale, who led the project for Sport England, said:

“Many girls grow up to have a negative relationship with exercise. We know PE teachers want all their students to enjoy PE, but the pressures of school life and being a teenager make this challenging.”

For more information on the Studio You platform, see here.

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