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Summer Fun in Full Swing across the StreetGames network

August 26, 2021

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As the summer draws to a close, Coordinate Sport’s HAF programme partner StreetGames is celebrating a successful summer of activity and nutrition. This year, thousands of young people have taken part across England and Wales, in part due to the government fund for the Holiday and Food Programme.

StreetGames has supported the HAF programme with its expertise from the highly successful Fit and Fed initiative launched in 2017. They are now in their fifth year of delivery in partnership with Locally Trusted Organisations, the key to the success of their programmes. The provision includes four hours of fun and physical activity alongside a nutritious meal.

This year has been especially difficult for families in the lowest socioeconomic strata, as prolonged restrictions and home-schooling has exacerbated issues of inequality.

Nearly two-thirds of working mothers do not have enough childcare or capacity to including a consistently healthy diet for their children during the summer. Continuing to grow rapidly, over 90,000 meals have been served to date.

StreetGames has supported its partners and families through its training program. Registered by Ofsted, it offers a practical approach to learning and has been a cornerstone of the HAF rollout. The dedicated HAF training is rooted in years of experience in delivering the Fit and Fed programme and is going from strength to strength.

Reflecting on this experience, the organisation has now been shortlisted for London Sport 2021 Awards in the category of ‘Enhancing the Workforce’. The shortlisting recognises the work that the training they have done in community sports organisations across London.


HAF Alliance

To find out more about the underpinning research, look no further than The Coordinate Sport podcast. Our specialist roundtable discussion includes co-founder of StreetGames, Jane Ashworth and Greta Defeyter’s ground-breaking research on holiday poverty.

To find out more about the success of the Fit & Fed programme partnership with HAF, see here.

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