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Tony Blair Institute calls out the government’s failure to reach obesity targets

January 17, 2024

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The Tony Blair Institute has warned that Britain’s economic growth has been hampered by the rising cost of obesity. The report released by the Institute for Global Change has argued that every government since 1992 has missed targets to reduce obesity, costing the UK £98bn a year.

The report says despite 14 published strategies and the implementation of nearly 700 policies, there has been little change. This comes as the latest research from ukactive has shown that 55% of British people say that their gym membership helps them manage short or long-term conditions.

These motivations show that using physical activity facilities goes deeper than just getting into shape or meeting January resolutions. ukactive is aiming to welcome at least 5 million more members by 2030, signposting the importance of physical fitness for mental and physical health.

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