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Uniting the Movement

Two Years of Sport England’s Uniting the Movement

February 20, 2023

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Last month, Sport England celebrated two years of the Uniting the Movement strategy. The 10-year strategy aims to capitalise on consultations with Sport England’s partners and the wider sport and physical sector to encourage people across the UK to get active.

The focus had originally been on helping grassroots sports clubs and activities providers, but with the onset of the pandemic, the balance has shifted. Now Uniting the Movement’s primary focus has been dealing with the barriers to physical activity. Those ‘long-standing inequalities’ have made enjoying the benefits of activity more difficult for the public.

Chief Executive Tim Hollingsworth commented on their aims last month:

“The pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge to community sport and activity in this country and, while the impact of Covid-19 is still being felt by many groups and organisations, there is plenty of optimism that through the changes we’ve made and by working together we can build on the progress of the last two years and bring about the change we all want.”


One of the most important changes to the movement has been the partnerships they’ve developed. Creating long-term partnerships with traditional organisations such as The FA and The Rugby Football Union and combining that with the organisations such as park run and Mencap have been a large part of Sport England’s work.

To find out more about the strategy, see here.

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