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Healthier nation

UK physical activity sector stress collaborating with the sector for a healthier nation

March 11, 2024

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Sport and Recreation Alliance are promoting the importance of children’s mental health through physical activity and sport, particularly the crucial role sport plays in children’s mental health and overall mental wellbeing.

The research indicates a profound positive impact on mental wellbeing through physical activity. Organisations like Sport in Mind are working to empower children and young people to find their voice, understand their feelings and make the connection between sport and positive mental health.

Similarly, another physical activity advocacy group, ukactive, emphasised the importance of utilising the physical activity sector to address health issues and boost the economy.

Mike Farrar, Chair of ukactive and former CEO of the NHS Confederation, highlighted a significant portion of individuals prefer receiving support in gyms rather than hospitals, indicating a growing demand for non-clinical settings.

Farrar urged the Government to leverage the physical activity sector to combat the UK’s health challenges and economic stagnation. He stressed that prioritising physical activity is crucial for improving public health and driving economic growth.

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