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Fit for Office

ukactive and Myzone support physical activity challenge “Fit for Office” for UK MPs

March 6, 2024

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ukactive and Myzone have launched a physical activity challenge for UK Members of Parliament (MPs) called “Fit for Office.” This initiative aims to encourage MPs to lead a healthier lifestyle and raise awareness about the importance of physical activity in combating lifestyle diseases.

Through this campaign, MPs are encouraged to increase their physical activity levels and visit community sports facilities, gyms, pools, leisure centres, schools, and businesses in their constituencies. The aim is to raise awareness of the benefits of movement for physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Kim Leadbeater MP, a qualified personal trainer, has endorsed the challenge along with various other Parliamentarians. The goal is to prompt Parliamentarians to reflect on their activity levels and the place it should play in the national agenda.

Promoting physical activity in the workplace has been highlighted as a crucial step in improving individual and population-wide health, enhancing productivity, and reducing health inequalities by 2030.

The fitness and leisure sector continues to press the importance of the physical activity sector. They can play a significant role in supporting small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by providing access to gym facilities, an expert workforce, and linking with local communities and healthcare services.

To find out more, see here.

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