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ukactive report sets out key role sector can play in getting our ageing nation active

July 1, 2021

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A new report released by ukactive and completed in conjunction with EGYM has looked to find ways to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of adults over the age of 55. The research included a comprehensive consultation of 100 adults aged 55 to 90 to find out how the sector could improve facilities, delivery and marketing to engage them.

COVID-19 has increased concerns for the over 55s, a group that has put some stress on the NHS due to their lack of resilience. Much of this resilience can be gained through keeping active, the weekly recommendation being 150 minutes of moderate exercise. More than half of the over-55s aren’t at this level, with over a third completing less than 30 minutes a week.

The fitness and activities sector will be at the forefront of releasing some of that pressure on the NHS, building resilience in the older generation that will serve them well today and in possible future pandemics. As a social activity, there is room to improve independence and stave of loneliness, as well as its accompanying mental and physical problems.

Alongside the research, the report made a list of recommendations for increasing participation levels for the over 55s. Among these is a focus on strength to maintain independence, and an aim of making activities more social, easy and accessible.

For more information, and to see how well this new report could fit into the plans for your business or facility, see here.

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