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ukactive responds to PM speech on mental health and economic inactivity

May 7, 2024

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Huw Edwards, CEO of ukactive, has responded to the Prime Minister’s speech on mental health and economic inactivity. He stated that the nation’s health and wellbeing are key determinants of work, productivity, and economic growth. Edwards emphasised the importance of addressing these issues to support the health and wellbeing of the nation.

However, critical of the government’s approach, he added that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak emphasised the mechanics of determining mental health. Edwards argued that implementing strong measures to assess mental health deterioration fails to address that fundamentally, the UK’s national health has deteriorated across the board.

He urged the Government to set out a bold plan for improving the nation’s health and wellbeing, utilising industries and sectors that can support improvements in mental health, with the role of physical activity, sport and recreation being fundamental.

He highlighted ukactive’s recent research showing that 78% of respondents said improving their mental health and wellbeing was an important factor in their decision to join a gym.

To find out more, see here.

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