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Women's football

Youth Sport Trust welcome a review of Women’s football

August 30, 2023

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As the Women’s World Cup comes to a close, Youth Sport Trust has responded to the national review of Women’s football. The Lionesses have spoken openly in view of their success for more importance to be placed on girls’ sports and football.

Former Lioness Karen Carney MBE published her recommendations in July, which included support for the raising of minimum standards across the game and encouraging equal access to sport for girls. CEO Ali Oliver has responded to the review, welcoming the recommendations that stressed the benefits of sport and activity for girls.

Ali Oliver goes on to discuss the significance of decreasing the gap in participation between girls and boys. Youth Sport Trust has consistently worked with The FA to deliver the Barclays Girls’ Football School Partnerships programme, with the aim of increasing access for girls to football.

Charity StreetGames went on to add their belief in the importance of team sports, especially football, in lieu of the Lionesses’ bid for the World Cup. They noted that the number of girls playing football has increased by over 100,000 in the last five years.

To find out more, see here.

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