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YST welcomes government announcement for new funding

April 4, 2023

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New funding from the government for PE and sports has been welcomed by the children’s activity sector. The funding includes £600 million of ringfenced funding to support primary schools. An additional £22 million of funding has been provided for a nationwide network of 450 School Game Organisers.

Youth Sport Trust has recently released a report highlighting that more than 70% of schools wouldn’t have been able to afford their current PE and sport provision without the funding. Last month, the PE Premium was renewed for the new year, with guidelines aimed at supporting disadvantaged children.

The government has also released details of a new £57 million investment for schools. The plan is to open their sports facilities outside of school hours. Around 50% of the country’s sports facilities are held behind school walls, which will support more out-of-school opportunities.

In response, Youth Sport Trust CEO Ali Oliver MBE added:

“Our vision is that every child, regardless of gender, affluence, or ethnicity, can access the benefits that come from play and sport. Active children are not only healthier and happier, but they also perform better in the classroom.”


This comes as Kim Leadbeater MP has launched a new report‘Healthy Britain: A new approach to health and wellbeing policy’. The report detailed evidence that improved health and wellbeing have desired outcomes for growth, productivity and national renewal. She made the case for a new approach centred around the health and wellbeing of the population. The report has been welcomed by the Association for Physical Education (AfPE).

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