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In today’s episode, James speaks to Alejandro García Jiménez, the founder and CEO of Sportmadness. Starting as a football coach at summer camps as a youngster, sport has always been Alejandro’s passion. And it is based on the passion that he founded his company in 2012 and expanded the business with digital franchising in 2017. At the time of this interview, Alejandro’s company was already working in nine countries across the world and still growing rapidly.

Sportmadness is a sports event and school management company that helps works with public administrations, educational centers, clubs, companies and sports facilities to offer the best sports services. They empower sports lovers to become entrepreneurs and run their sport management businesses based on their “business in a box” solution.

Tune in as James and Alejandro speak about:

  • Alejandro’s early sports memories and how impactful the sporting and coaching environment of Spain has had on his career
  • The trigger milestone that led to the birth of Sportmadness
  • Their main focus and the strategies put in place to best facilitate them
  • How do they standardize everything across the board to make sure they’re getting the same kind of experience in all territories
  • Why recruitment is their most difficult challenge and how they work through it
  • Who they are looking for when fishing for a franchisee
  • Challenges in digital adoption and how they combat them
  • How to manage changes in using socials to generate good leads
  • Alejandro’s philosophies for being a good CEO


… and so much more!


Sports Management for me, it’s not a job. It’s not work. It’s a hobby, and it’s my life.


Recruiting is very difficult. I think that the most difficult thing is managing cash and people.


For me, empathy I think is the most important thing. It’s something that I learned from my father to treat other people as you want to be treated.


The real value for a brand is what our clients experience from us. So a brand should have processes attached to it. If not, it’s just a logo.


It’s not about where you are going. It’s about the process. It’s about enjoying every day.

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