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Lessons From Leaders

How to Lead an Activity Organisation


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From Coordinate Sport it’s The Drive Phase, a show about sports founders, leaders, and experts and the stories behind their business journeys

Part three of our wrap up series brings together the best insights from our previous episodes and is a great way to jump in and sample the Drive Phase content.

We have spoken to leaders from all over the world with different operational models. It is a privilege to hear their stories and learn from inspirational leaders in our industry.

We’ve taken the opportunity on this episode to reflect on those conversations.

Drawing from the powerful messages, insights, and journeys, our guests have passed on their experiences so you can fast track your growth.

Welcome to this week’s episode of The Drive Phase Podcast and part 3 of the Lessons from Leaders series.

Sported UK

Nicola Walker

There is absolutely no question, that good people make all the difference.


Richard Raynes

Keeping mental and physical wellbeing in balance is very important.

Rugby League Cares

Chris Rostron

Good people in the right roles with clarity of their objective is key.


Hubert Rovers

Focus on sharing knowledge, creating opportunities and improving impact.

Active Communities Network

Oliur Rahman

Reward comes from seeing your team and partners getting results.

Rio Ferdinand Foundation

Andrew Ducille

It’s about building relationships and coming to a common goal.

Liverpool FC Foundation

Matt Parish

Trust your instinct & trust your judgement.

Foundation For Education Development

David Gregson

Culture eats strategy for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Coaches Across Continents

Nick Gates

Don’t just follow what people tell you, find the things that you like and go after them.

Coaches Across Continents

Brian Suskiewicz

I believe that you live the life you make.

Get Active Sports

Rob Sherwood

Moving to work on the business and not in it is the biggest challenge.

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