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Nigel Miller


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Our Guest this episode is Nigel Miller, CEO of the Active Learning Group.

Nigel has spent most of his career in finance and accounting, often taking failing businesses and turning them into successful ones. Travelling Asia and Africa with KPMG and Coca Cola towards the beginning of his career gave him insight into finance and development.

During this episode we cover Nigel’s journey from the corporate world to becoming a turnaround specialist and the formation of Active Learning Group.

Now CEO for ALG, he presides over an organisation that creates opportunities for outdoor learning and skills in immersive environments.


I was running audits across West Africa, in Guinea, Senegal, Mali, just the most amazing experience and that totally changed my outlook.


28 years old I’m the FD of a little listed business, a new starts, we didn’t have an office or anything, and then spent the next four years building everything.


I’d done an AIM listing, private equity and a new start, I was looking for a mess I wanted to turn around something.


It was a 5 year earn out and I had to get the numbers for £1 million to £5 million.


Retention is key, if repeat rate goes below 75% significant new sales are required just to standstill.

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