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In today’s episode, James speaks to Paul Gately, a professor in exercise and obesity at Leeds Beckett University, the Director of MoreLife at Leeds Metropolitan University, and the interim CEO of Obesity UK. He is one of the foremost experts in the area, consistently called upon as a keynote speaker and author in the obesity and physical activity field.

Paul’s drive to assist people in tackling obesity was sparked by his observations at an American weight loss camp. He established a singular weight loss camp specifically for young individuals as a result. With a professional journey spanning over two decades, Paul has directed his passion, research focus, and expertise toward Obesity UK, a leading charity committed to advocating for, educating, and aiding people navigating obesity – the authoritative voice for individuals with obesity in the UK.

In a nutshell, James and Paul speak about:

  • His experience of school sports and weight management in comparison to today
  • The observations that sparked his interest in children’s obesity
  • How they translated from the Weight Loss Camp model
  • The biggest drivers in obesity rates by 2030
  • His thoughts on the circumstances, culture and lived experiences that result in obesity
  • Which country he believes is making the best progress in weight management
  • His thoughts on the dynamics of home and school life that reduce obesity levels
  • His routines for maintaining peak performance personally and in business


…and so much more!


Fundamentally the political will, for the last 15 years at least, has not been there.


I didn’t really have the right leadership around my coaching. I had a great coach, but they didn’t look at me holistically.


The biggest driver to obesity is food. That’s without a shadow of a doubt.


It’s quality of access to food. That’s what’s critical.


I was always challenging the system, and that’s what I feel I’ve done throughout my career.

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