Get Active Sports

Rob Sherwood


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Our guest this episode is Rob Sherwood, Founder and Director of Get Active Sports.

Rob launched Get Active with the mission to use his passion for sport to inspire and impact as many children as possible.

We discuss Rob’s journey from starting the business to a chance meeting that led to a merger and expansion of the business.

A focus on recruiting and training quality staff and implementing processes across the business allowed them to scale and build a group of 8 companies all focused on working with children and young people to achieve a positive impact.


Leaving university, there was something in me that just didn’t want to be a PE teacher.


Stepping away from delivering and working in the business to working on the business is the biggest challenge to growing your business.


Every single person for us is employed. They know where they stand.


I’m not a politician but the HAF programme is exactly what I think the children of this country need.


Follow your gut. It’s always right, just go ahead and do it.

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