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Streamlining Business Processes

Why the activities sector needs to streamline their business processes

January 7, 2021

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There’s no need to be frightened of the prospect of streamlining your business processes.

Especially for the activities industry that needs to organise equipment and distribute coaches across the regions they cover.

Making your business processes more efficient and organised will help you improve delivery and scale your business. A cloud-based approach to Business Process Management (BPM), can help define, automate and report on your operations and delivery.

You can automate booking tasks and add reporting functions that manage your health and safety and alert you to mistakes, whilst having them available wherever you are.

A time-saving tool

Nobody wants to spend their time doing endless spreadsheet admin. If you want to be able to scale your business and respond to unforeseen circumstances its best to have the building blocks of a streamlined system.

Time spent away from coaching, is time spent away from delivering a quality experience.

Alerts will get your employees the approvals they need without a lengthy wait time and reminders will reduce human error before work is due.

Linking timetables and scheduling to these operational structures means you can get a look in real-time with real-time changes.

An efficient workflow tool

Let technology do the work inside while you’re outside working with your student or players.

Workflow automation software will help you assign work to the right person, place deadlines and complete health and safety checks without the need to increase your admin team.

Say goodbye to clunky clipboard and registers and wave in a new generation of compliant, password protected documents for optimal accuracy.

A communication tool

Connect coaches and staff across the schools, regions and areas that your business covers. If there is a change to a register, a drop-out or a problem with equipment, it centralises all information for ease of access and action.

Coaches can quickly forward changes to classes, notes on progress and issues with equipment whilst on the move.

It manages invoicing and bookings to de-stress reporting for funders and compliance for your business.

Don’t bog your people down with endless sheets of flyaway paper, keep them seamlessly connected and hassle free.

Cloud-based documentation

No longer do you have to remember the dates for insurance or health and safety updates verbatim. Keep the documents you need on the cloud with more convenient access for your staff, whether they’re in the office or on-site.

Each person assigned to a coaching class will be responsible for the outcomes. If they’re late or require different levels of attention, it triggers an automatic alert.

Identify bottlenecks

Bottlenecking is common in organisations and even more common if you’re scaling the business. Just basic human error can slow your operations and, in the end, your coaching delivery.

Using the right type of cloud-based software to streamline your workflow, makes it easier to identify and rectify.

Find them, automate the tasks or create a more streamlined process with milestone markers to get your delivery back on track.

More impact less work

Coordinate everything in one application

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