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TLE Sports Coaching
"By using Coordinate Sport, we've been able to ditch our paper registers for online ones, creating our most secure camps yet. Reducing our planning time and reliance on Excel has helped us focus on maximising the platforms' features for managing our timetabling admin."
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Eliminating paper registers and safeguarding with Coordinate

August 25, 2023

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TLE Sports Coaching

The Client

TLE Sports Coaching is an OFSTED-registered coaching company based in Somerset. In additional to holiday camps, they provide school activity programmes including wraparound care, Active Maths and English. As a training and education provider, aspiring coaches can gain Level 2 sports coaching certificates, and flexible PPA cover offers schools flexible multi-sport and enrichment-based curriculums.

Children’s after school programmes include a brand new set of sports packages for birthday parties. Local schools enjoy term-time after school programmes with multi-sports packages for Key Stage 1 and 2 on selected sites across the region.

The Challenge

TLE were preparing for May half-term Active Camps and needed the platform to manage bookings, produce registers and timetables and assign them to educators. They were creating bookings through the platform but were using Excel to create paper registers for the staff to sign participants in and out. Paper registers reduced their capacity to use safeguarding pins to ensure camp security for children, parents, and guardians.

Having been introduced to the platform, they wanted to maximise their use of its features. Exploring the platform further, TLE also wanted to automate tasks, reducing time spent confirming activity programmes by phone.

The Solution

To prepare for their camps, they moved their registers to Coordinate Sport, dropping paper registers altogether. Saving time on planning procedures prior to the May camps, educators were able to use iPads to sign participants in and out. Using online registers through the platform meant that educators could use safeguarding pins, creating their most secure camps yet.

After the camps ended, they began testing Coordinate Sport’s extensive contract settings that would allow them to link contracts to an educator’s timetable, to automate staffing changes.

TLE Sports Coaching

The Future

Maximising the use of the platform now may half-term camps are over is their primary focus. The team will now be looking closely at email automation for their timetables to reduce the time spent providing updated staffing changes to schools by phone.

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TLE Sports Coaching

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