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"Moving to Coordinate has been a massive leap forward. We’ve been looking for a system like this for years, and it’s completely changed the way we run the academy. I’d recommend Coordinate Sport to any business that wants to improve admin, organisation and communication."
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Dramatic Transformation for Northern Academy of Performing Arts

October 19, 2020

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The Client

The Northern Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) is East Yorkshire’s leading drama school – providing professional, affordable performing arts tuition to young people across the region.

Each week, the centre runs more than 90 classes to 600+ people, both at the academy and at primary schools across the region.

The Challenge

NAPA relied heavily on pen and paper for its admin. From enrolment and registration, to class bookings, everything was written down and typed up, with the admin team juggling information across a range of separate databases, spreadsheets and systems.

With so many classes, students, venues and team members – managing everything was extremely time consuming and challenging for everyone involved. Queues of up to 50 parents waiting to pay in cash for classes were commonplace.

NAPA had been looking for a single, centralised platform that would bring everything together, improve communication and streamline the admin for several years – but hadn’t found anything suitable.

The Solution

At the start of 2020, they discovered Coordinate Sport – and it was exactly what they were looking for.

NAPA moved everything over to the platform, and now manage everything through Coordinate Sport – from enrolment, bookings and class registration, to taking payments and creating invoices for their team of freelance teachers.

The Future

Coordinate Sport has completely transformed the way NAPA handles admin across the academy – saving the team countless hours, improving communication and connecting everything together in a single system.

It’s also helped NAPA to keep risks down during the Coronavirus pandemic, by allowing for digital registrations and remote payments through the app. The number of parents paying cash has dropped to just 2 a night, and NAPA has been able to gain increased visibility and control over cash flow.

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