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"We’ve gone from lots of paper-based systems and duplication of data inputting, to a single, centralised platform that brings everything together. Coordinate Sport will be a huge step forward for the Trust that improve efficiencies across the organisation."
Neil Deans
Head of Football & Sports Development

Workforce Compliance and Health & Safety

Staff Scheduling and Deployment

Participant Online Booking

Automated Timesheets and Payroll

From Coach Management to Digital Transformation with Coordinate Sport!

January 20, 2021

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Watford FC Community Sports & Education Trust

The Client

Watford Football Club’s Community Sports and Education Trust is a registered charity that has been working to improve lives and enhance communities through sport, physical activity and learning for nearly three decades.

Working with children and adults of all ages, the trust runs more than 30 different projects, engaging with more than 158,000 participants across Hertfordshire and the London Boroughs of Harrow and Hillingdon each year.

It employs more than 60 and full and part-time members of staff, alongside a team of 80 sessional deliverers and over 50 volunteers across the community.

Initial Challenges

Initially, the Trust was looking for something to help with compliance. Working in the community, the Trust takes its obligations to health, safety and safeguarding very seriously.

As part of this, it needs to ensure that all 80 deliverers are compliant with their policies and regulations – and keep their mandatory qualifications, certification, safeguarding and registration up to date!

With so many different people to manage, handling this process manually was extremely difficult. The goal was to gain better visibility and control over the coaching team, and the trust started looking for a suitable coach management system.

A Wider Solution…

After exploring a number of different systems, the Trust discovered Coordinate Sport, and found that it offered all the right functionality they needed at an affordable price. Following initial conversations with the team at Coordinate – they also found that it could solve some of the other challenges the organisation was facing…

Like many organisations, the Trust was using multiple different systems to manage deliverers, bookings and payments – from paper timesheets and registers, to excel documents and a standalone booking system for its programmes.

All these systems worked independently, but with little integration. This meant a lot of manual admin effort and duplication of information, especially when it came to bookings and payroll.

After internal discussions, the Trust decided to embark on an ambitious programme – bringing as many systems as possible together to improve visibility, control and communication, while reducing the reliance on paper admin and unnecessary duplication of effort.

This transformation to an increased digital offer has seen the Coordinate Sport platform at the heart of this piece of work.

"The support from Coordinate has been great – whenever we have challenges or requests, they are there to help. We’ve set high expectations, and where we’ve made requests for new features and functionality, Andy has listened, and looked to add them to the platform. They’re a pleasure to deal with."
Kristian Hitchins
Impact & Communications Officer

Digital Transformation

Transforming many operating systems of the Trust was a complex task and has required a real change of culture, replacing established systems with new technology, and training team members to be able to embrace the switch.

The Trust also had some specific requirements – requiring some changes and development in the Coordinate Platform.

It was a serious undertaking, but we were more than up for the challenge!

The Results

Over the past three years, Watford Community Sports and Education Trust has successfully implemented Coordinate Sport across multiple aspects of its operation.

Online bookings, deliverer timesheets, deployment, payroll and compliance can all be managed through the Coordinate platform.

We’ve worked closely with the HR, finance and delivery teams at every step of the way – providing flexible support and training, and developing customised functionality to enable the transformation.

Today, the deliverers no longer have to use paper timesheets, and all their compliance is handled through the system. Important messages, reminders and changes in schedule can be quickly and easily communicated through Coordinate. Parents can book and pay for programmes and events through Coordinate, and deliverers can be quickly assigned to the sessions via the same system.

Duplication of data is down, paper admin has been virtually eliminated, and the Trust is entering a new, connected future!

"Coordinate makes managing payroll for our casual coaches so much better. Instead of sitting down with hundreds of pieces of paper, I can get all the information I need straight from Coordinate – it’s quicker and easier."
Tracy Bambrough
Finance Officer

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Watford FC Community Sports & Education Trust

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