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E Ramadan guidelines

afPE highlights new PE Ramadan guidelines and recommendations for a renewed school curriculum

February 20, 2024

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The new Ramadan PE guidelines aim to create a more inclusive environment in schools for Muslim students and staff engaging in physical education during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Developed collaboratively by Dr. Irfan Khawaja at Birmingham City University, the guidance provides practical advice for supporting fasting Muslim students and staff, enabling them to participate in PE sessions safely.

It advocates for inclusive activities, timetabling, and practical adaptations for a comprehensive list of PE activities.

The guidance is based on Islamic teachings and addresses misconceptions about physical activity during Ramadan. It aims to empower teachers and practitioners to collaborate with pupils, creating an environment where they can safely and happily participate in PE and sport during Ramadan.

afPE has also highlighted the Education for 11–16 Year Olds Committee, which published a report titled “Requires improvement: urgent change for 11–16 education”. The report calls for urgent reform in 11–16 education to fully prepare pupils for the future. Recommendations include revising the curriculum for varied learning experiences and real-world contexts for literacy and numeracy qualification.

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