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New school guidance

New government guidance released for the use of mobile phones, gender guidance and school uniforms in the UK

March 27, 2024

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Three new reforms in guidance have been released to help schools manage mobile phones, uniforms and gender questioning. The focus of the non-statutory guidance is to provide support for schools with managing these areas in school.

Transgender and Gender Questioning Children Guidance for Schools” provides a summary of the draft non-statutory guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) in England regarding transgender and gender-questioning children in schools. Some of the key advice includes the use of pronouns, collective usage of girls and boys, and recording the biological sex of each pupil.

The UK government has recommended banning mobile phone use in schools in England to improve behaviour and focus during lessons. The DfE’s new guidance supports headteachers in implementing a ban on mobile phones throughout the school day, including at break times, to address disruptive behaviour and online bullying.

This move aligns England with other countries like France, Italy, and Portugal that have already implemented similar bans. The ban aims to enhance students’ focus, reduce distractions, and create a conducive learning environment. Schools will have limited exemptions for cases where students require phones for medical reasons.

Lastly, the impact of school uniforms on physical activity among younger girls has been a subject of study. Traditional school uniforms, especially those that are impractical for physical activity, like dresses and black leather shoes, have been found to hinder girls’ engagement in physical activities at school.

Studies suggest that modifying uniforms to more activity-friendly options, such as shorts or pants, could potentially enhance girls’ participation in physical activities during the school day. Research indicates that girls are less active than boys, with differences starting as early as eight years old, making it a public health priority to improve physical activity levels among girls.

Check out the links above or the afPE website for more robust guidance.

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