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Everyone Wins

‘Everyone Wins’ campaign to highlight sport’s role in tackling violence, inequality and discrimination

June 24, 2021

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Laureus Sport for Good has launched a new campaign to highlight the role sport plays in tackling violence, inequality and discrimination. The campaign named ‘Everyone Wins’ aims to increase participation in Sport 4 Development projects whilst creating a broader understanding of the positive impact sport has across the world.

As Brian Suskiewicz, Chief Strategist at Coaches Across Continents added on The Drive Phase Podcast, sport without the proactive intent for positive impact cannot fix problems:

“Sport is powerful, but sport is not inherently good. It can only lead to positive outcomes with a serious understanding of community and individual development.”

The importance of the campaign is to celebrate inspirational leaders at all levels, right from grassroots and institutional actors to participants in Laureus programmes, with a view that all their contributions are valuable.

Drew Barrand, Laureus Head of Commercial and Sales, said:

“The Everyone Wins campaign is a statement of intent. It showcases Laureus’ purpose and our capability to drive social change on a global scale through partnership”.

Laureus will also be teaming up with StreetGames to offer support in some of London’s most deprived communities. The two powerhouses in Sport 4 Development will be working together to build the skills, knowledge and confidence of organisations in Laureus Sport 4 Good coalitions.

Part of the focus will be on supporting mental health and improving their ability to write successful funding applications.

Laureus currently supports more than 200 programs in over 40 countries, and since its establishment two decades ago, it has raised more than £100 million for global sporting initiatives.

To find out more about the ‘Everyone Wins’ campaign, see here.

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