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Youth Sport Trust & RFU

Youth Sport Trust & RFU collaborate to enhance rugby in schools

March 20, 2024

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Youth Sport Trust has collaborated with the Rugby Football Union (RFU) to engage more young people in rugby through a Workforce Pilot programme. The initiative involves creating various exciting formats of rugby in schools to make the sport appealing and accessible to all students.

The RFU, along with local school sports professionals recruited by the Youth Sport Trust, aims to promote the benefits of rugby. The collaboration is helping to ensure that the sport is inspiring and meaningful for pupils. The successful pilot program has expanded to 10 areas across England, demonstrating positive impacts on student engagement and participation in rugby.

Additionally, England Rugby, in partnership with organisations like the Youth Sport Trust, is working to grow rugby in schools. They have various initiatives, including Pitch Up & Play events, Allianz Inner Warrior Camps, and competitions like the National Girls’ Cup. They focus on player-centred development, local partnerships, and inclusivity to encourage more young people, especially girls, to participate in rugby.



For Youth Sport Trust and RFU, they will promote, sustain, and expand rugby opportunities for both boys and girls in schools. Want to know more about early years Rugby development? Check out our interview with Rugbytots founder Max Webb and hear first-hand how a passion for the sport can impact growth and development in early years care.

To find out more, see here.

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