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Getting On Track

Tackling Youth Offending with the Getting On Track Report

March 13, 2024

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The ‘Getting On Track’ report emphasises the significant impact of sport and physical activity on reducing youth offending. It calls for policy action to prioritise activity to tackle crime effectively. For policymakers, connecting with academics, as the report highlights, is essential to developing cost-effective solutions through sports.

The report recommends political parties examine the benefit of addressing crime using the physical activity sector. Building links with local specialist organisations and strengthening partnerships between youth justice and sports sectors can maximise the role of sport in society.

While sports interventions are used to reduce youth offending, measuring their success can be challenging. Metrics like sessions attended and qualifications gained may not align with young people’s aspirations. Quality of sessions, enjoyment, and relationship building are crucial for participants. Enhancing evidence means focussing on the viewpoints of the participants involved.


Alliance of Sport

Why not check out the Alliance of Sport in Criminal Justice episode on The Drive Phase podcast? CEO James Mapstone, examines the positive impact of sport on youth offending, from his current programme to his experience working in the UK’s prisons.

To find out more, see here.

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