Alliance of Sport

James Mapstone


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Our guest this episode is James Mapstone, Co-Founder & CEO of the Alliance of Sport.

James’ first-hand experience of working in the criminal justice system led to him developing an initiative to provide new sport and physical activity programmes for youth offenders.

Alliance of Sport in Criminal Justice has since developed 7 initiatives with the aim of using sport to produce positive outcomes for youth offenders. From reducing re-offending rates to establishing learning and employment opportunities on release, the charity has gone from strength to strength.

During the episode James reflects on his path and the growth of the charity, stepping back to discuss the origin of the charity and lessons learnt along the way.

We discuss how the original programme gained traction and the importance of evidencing impact with data, which enabled him to gain support and financial backing from funders with shared goals.


I guess for me, it felt like a completely wasted opportunity.


I was new to absolutely everything. So it was a steep learning curve.


We realised then that the criminal justice system didn’t really understand exactly what physical activity could do.


And I think what it’s really about is how do we strengthen that ecosystem?


If you set your sights on it, it’s up to you to make it happen.

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