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In today’s episode, James speaks to Max Webb, the founder and CEO of Rugbytots. Rugbytots is a global play program that was born out of the need for a children’s Rugby class. 16 years ago, as Max was looking for engaging activities for his three young sons in a park, he and other dads mused on why there wasn’t a rugby equivalent of the popular soccer programs.

Based on the need to fill this gap, Max founded a play program that has impacted the lives of so many children and toddlers across the world. Rugbytots is now the world’s favorite rugby play program that is driven by the company’s ethos ‘to make everything more fun’. The program delivers fun and exciting classes to over 85,000 children in 22 countries across 5 continents.

In a nutshell, James and Max speak about:

  • The amazing story behind the founding of Rugbytots
  • How he moved from one informal class to a global franchise
  • Rugbytots operations in terms of recruitment, training, team building, and figures of their growth since inception
  • The impact Rugbytots has on children and toddlers around the world
  • Max’s thought process for the franchising route and the beauty in it
  • How they standardize the passion for their programs and the content that comes with it
  • The day-to-day challenges and how they overcame them
  • The importance of developing a thick skin around rejection and failure


… and so much more!


I was actually used as an example of somebody who would go on to fail in life by the head of the sixth form.


I always had a burning desire to do my own thing, I just didn’t know what it was really going to be.


For people to be travelling for that long, and dedicating their whole morning, I knew that we were on to something.


And when I suddenly realised we had to do something was when we just saw the sheer numbers in the pilot area.


Don’t let the fear of rejection or failure get in the way of you doing something.

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