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"Coordinate is invaluable – it works across multiple aspects of our operations, and has made everything so much easier. I’d recommend Coordinate to anyone looking to reduce admin and improve organisation."
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Active Travel Programme Officer

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Taking Control over Cycle Coaching with Coordinate

October 20, 2019

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The Client

Islington Council’s Active Travel team promotes safe cycling across the borough, helping thousands of children and adults each year to stay safe on London’s busy roads.

The team manages a busy schedule of cycle training – delivering the Bikeability programme to more than 50 schools, alongside a full adult programme for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

As part of this, the team works with around 25 different freelance cycle instructors.

The Challenge

Managing the hectic schedule, dozens of coaches, thousands of bookings and ongoing customer communication is a huge challenge! With so much admin involved, the team was constantly battling to ensure that everything ran smoothly – and managing the process through spreadsheets, email and phone calls simply wasn’t feasible.

The freelance coaching team works different, flexible schedules each month, and keeping track of course scheduling, risk assessments, safeguarding issues and professional qualifications was taking up a lot of resources. Managing the coach invoicing process was a particular issue, and as a result, the team were dealing with a lot of payment queries. 

The Active Travel team wanted a complete, all in one system – something they could use to handle everything, from coordinating the bookings and managing the scheduling, to paying their coaches.

The Solution

Islington Council were paying for another software system – but it simply didn’t have all the functionality they needed. As a result, they were still managing aspects of the admin manually.

They discovered Coordinate at a conference in 2016, and made the switch. It’s made a huge difference to their operations from top to bottom. The team uses the platform to manage everything, from booking courses and communicating changes, to managing the coaching team. They even use it to handle the invoicing – coaches can submit their hours straight into Coordinate to eliminate confusion. 

It’s driven benefits across the organisation – accuracy is up, admin is down, communication has improved, and the coaching team is happy!

The Future

The Active Travel team are always looking for new ways to use Coordinate to streamline their admin – and regularly submitting feedback and feature ideas to help the team at Coordinate to shape the future development road map.

We’ll continue to work with them to ensure that Coordinate can support every aspect of their operations.

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