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Solar Technology

New solar technology pilot could revolutionise pool heating for former Drive Phase guests

September 14, 2022

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Three former guests of The Drive Phase podcast will be looking to Bristol City Council and the Leisure Management company, Everyone Active, after running a successful heating pilot. Last month, Easton Leisure Centre reported the success of the pilot, which had been designed to reduce their heating costs over the summer.

The pilot was set up by Bristol City Council and Everyone Active and involved installing 800 solar thermal tubes on the roof of their facility. At the cost of £89,000, it has cut their energy costs by 100% during the longer daylight hours. With businesses facing rising costs and the dilapidation of local swimming pools, the results of this pilot could keep pools and leisure centres open to the public.

Bristol City Council will be integrating the technology into swimming pools across the city and rolling it out to other sites for energy efficiency. It is predicted that solar technology could reduce the cost of heating water by up to 60% and heating spaces by up to 35%.


Want to understand how swimming activity providers respond to the changes in their sector?

James Moore, the host of The Drive Phase podcast, has had the opportunity to sit down with some of the leading activities providers in the sector. You can check out CEO Paul Thompson from the Water Babies franchise, Julie-ann James, a global consultant and CEO for the international franchise Aquababies Global and Technical Director of Puddle Ducks, Ali Beckman, in The Drive Phase back catalogue today.

To find out more about the pilot, see here.

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