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Our guests on this episode are Professor Greta Defeyter of the University of Northumbria and Andrew Forsey, Chair of the HAF Alliance.

The HAF program has made a huge impact on disadvantaged young people across the country. However it can still be even more effective, especially by engaging more young people.

Greta has led the HAF+ engagement with Youth to explore how HAF can become more attractive, reduce barriers and deliver more to young people.

During the show, we hear about the future of HAF and the national sprint event in London which was the culmination of a national roadshow of events.


Greta – It’s important to ensure that this programme moves from being a good programme to being an outstanding programme.


Andrew – The Holiday Activities and Food programme has already shown itself capable, and also possessing the potential to go even further.


Greta – Do the programmes work? Do they drive the outcomes that the young people believe they will drive?


Andrew – I think there’s room for creativity and flexibility in making a good programme work even better for young people.


Greta – I think one of the important things that we maintain is that the programme is led by young people.

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