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Goal Click

Matthew Barrett


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In today’s episode, James speaks to Matthew Barrett, the co-founder of Goal Click, who for over a decade has had his focus on the relationship between sports, politics, and war. Goal Click, which is the brainchild of Matthew and his co-founder Edward Jones, took off in 2014 by mailing a disposable camera to Sierre Leone with no expectation of its return. That resulted in one of their iconic photos, and since then they have shared more than 400 stories from all over the world.

Goal Click is a global football storytelling platform that aims to inspire understanding of people’s lives through the common language of football. Told through the eyes and voices of their storytellers, they bring these stories to life through inspirational imagery and stories – using analogue and digital photography, written word, short film, and exhibitions; sharing untold stories from the grassroots to the elite.

Tune in as Matt and James speak about:

  • What drove him to explore football and sports in the context of politics and history
  • Why doing what feels right rather than building narratives around the effort has been his track to success
  • His pathway to connecting sports and history as his career
  • How his grounding in the agency world as an intern …..
  • The simple yet impressive debut of his company to their first exhibition
  • Challenges they face as great people and guide them through telling their stories
  • How do they balance between meaningful, intimate, their long time vision of authentic stories and the demand of their projects
  • His approaches and habits put him in top form
  • Making it up as you go along


… and so much more!


Follow what feels right, rather than trying to plan a narrative or try and get somewhere by feeling like you have to do something.


It just made us realise we were onto something.


Whenever you’re at an event, or a conference, always, as you’re leaving, speak to the last person that you see.


Don’t wait until you have everything perfectly worked out to start something.


Whenever you’re switching positions or jobs, don’t think about that position or job. Think about where it will lead you next.

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