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Lessons from Leaders - Part 2

How to Lead an Activity Organisation


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Learning from the industry’s top performers is vital. All our guests have been open to sharing their knowledge and experiences with our listeners to support our industry make more impact.

As ever we want to bring value to our listeners and help fast track your growth with insights from those who have been through the journey already.

So far 2021 has brought us some fantastic guests and we hope their stories have entertained, if not inspired you.

We’ve taken the opportunity on this episode to look back at our conversations. Finding themes, messages, insights, and takeaways from the last nine episodes to create part 2 of Lessons from Leaders.

As we have a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, we can see the sector springing back into life and the pent-up demand from children, young people, and families being set free.

High-quality providers have never been so required, thank you for staying resilient and preparing behind the scenes.

Welcome to our second wrap-up show, Lessons from Leaders – Part 2.

Brazilian Soccer Schools

Fred Lowe

When selling an international franchise, focus on doing all the right things for each of the countries you are in, especially marketing.

My Gym

Cory Bertisch

The general rule when starting a business is – Don’t work with friends and family – but it’s totally wrong!

My Gym Foundation

Aleah Whaley

In a leader to have to know that the person you’re working with has experienced it all, and also is very compassionate through it.


Mark Lawrie

Making the right connections with the right organisations is key.

Active Communities Network

Jim Donnelly

Focus on developing relationships. Relationships with funders, partners and young people.

Tumble Tots

Charlotte Bedford

As a leader you must be decisive, not everybody will like your decisions. But If people can see that you’re working hard, then they’ll be supportive.

Tumble Tots

Lucy Baylis

Worry less, I wouldn’t be where I am if I changed any experiences in the past.

Sport England

Chris Grant

The core competence of leadership is self awareness.

SCL Education Group

Lewis Field

Enjoy the journey, there’s never going to be perfection, even though you can strive for it.

SCL Education Group

Steve Franks

Don’t procrastinate, act on it. Set yourself goals and celebrate when you achieve them.

Greenhouse Sports

Jason Sugrue

The environment you build as a sports activity centre has a much wider impact than you planned.

Water Babies

Paul Thompson

Create an environment that allows people to excel and they will do amazing things.

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