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Anna Kenrick


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In today’s episode, James interviews Anna Kenrick, a remarkable individual who wears many hats – teacher, choreographer, and Artistic Director at YDANCE. Anna’s artistic prowess shines through her creations and choreography for the prestigious National Youth Dance Company of Scotland. Her mesmerizing pieces have not only toured extensively across the UK but have also captivated international audiences. Moreover, Anna’s expertise extends beyond the realm of dance as she is a certified life coach and has dedicated seven years to mentoring for the Federation of Scottish Theatre.

YDANCE, also known as Scottish Youth Dance, stands as a distinguished national dance organization in Scotland, catering to children and young people. Their commitment to providing top-notch art and dance experiences is commendable, with a focus on Talent Development, Education, and Participation. Through the power of arts and dance, YDANCE offers children a distinctive platform to cultivate a wide range of skills, unlocking their full potential. Their remarkable achievements have garnered numerous accolades, solidifying their incredible mission.

Tune in as James and Anna speak about:

  • The experience that led to her creative career
  • Anna’s journey working in teaching, collaboration, choreography, and touring
  • How they’re funding their programs and the challenges around funding
  • Consideration given for performing arts vs stem subjects in Scotland
  • How she’s pushing for the voice of young people with or without disabilities through varied art forms
  • What’s the metric they foresee measuring against in three years to come
  • The role technology plays in her position and authority
  • Reflections on her personal life and career


… and so much more!


There are a couple of choices depending on what you want to do as a career, and that determines which kind of school you go to.


Our vision is that we offer transformational experiences in a range of different communities and contexts.


We’re reviewing going into our next funding cycle, how we capture quantitative and qualitative data.


Hard work and perseverance and commitment to your beliefs and values does pay off and does get recognised in the end.


Dance schools can be quite cutthroat and a hard three years of your life.

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