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Andy Evans


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In today’s episode, James speaks to Andy Evans, the CEO of QPR in the Community Trust and chair of YoungKandC. Andy, a lifelong fan, and dedicated supporter of QPR, embarked on this remarkable journey 25 years ago when he volunteered at Brentford FC, in the hopes of securing a job in sport. Since then, his trajectory has been nothing short of extraordinary, having begun a community initiative football programme known as the Trust.

QPR in the Community is the charitable division of QPR, illustrating the profound impact that local football teams can have on addressing needs and producing positive change for individuals and communities. The award-winning trust actively engages with the local community, offering invaluable opportunities centred around the core objectives of promoting health, education, social inclusion, and active participation.

The home of the Grenfell Tower fire in London, this West London community trust has continued to foster unity in the face of that tragedy.

Tune in as James and Andy speak about

  • Andy’s first sporting memory and early ambitions in sports
  • His smartest move that placed him in the career of his liking
  • The variety and breadth of programs they’re offering currently
  • Recurring challenges they have to work through to run a successful trust
  • How he became the CEO of a football foundation
  • How they’re engaging with the community in terms of coaching and delivery team
  • The reception of their program from the community & the local issues they’re responding to


… and so much more!


He really helped me instil a love for sport.


So now we offer a lot more one-to-one mentoring programmes.


I’ve been very fortunate to over the years, observe leaders within the club.


My sister’s friend was in the tower, Natasha. She got out, and she’s now the chair of Grenfell United.


I wish I’d worried less and enjoyed it more.

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