Chance to Shine

Laura Cordingley


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Our guest this episode is Laura Cordingley, CEO of Chance to Shine.

From a young age, Laura developed an interest in netball, through which she discovered a passion for sport that became an enduring part of her experience and career.

Laura became CEO of Chance to Shine in 2018, a charitable organisation devoted to inspiring and delivering cricket-based developmental programmes, reaching more than 6 million children in state schools nationwide since 2005.

During the episode, we discuss her understanding of cricket from a developmental perspective, and the challenges Chance to Shine experienced during the pandemic.


Whilst our scale is large, it’s the impact that we have on young people that’s the most important thing.


It existed to do something really simple, which was effectively helping change children’s lives.


We are by no means experts, but we’ve learned a lot over the years about how to remove barriers.


We’re serious about the impact that we have. But you’ve got to have some fun and enjoyment along the way.


There are also times you just have to identify this is completely out of my control.

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