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Barry Horne


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Our guest in this episode is Barry Horne, CEO of Activity Alliance.

Barry is a seasoned public administrator and leader. Having started his career in the welfare rights sector, he has developed a range of leadership experience through local governance.

With more than ten years of experience under his belt at the Activity Alliance, he has helped the organisation transition from supplying activity and sport to representing the needs, thoughts and impressions of diverse disabled communities across the country.

During the episode we discuss the Barry’s early life growing up in South Yorkshire and his career journey that followed moving to the East Midlands.

We also cover the distance Barry’s travelled at the Alliance and how they select the best fit partner organisations.


If I was going to work, I was going to work in a setting that would hopefully add some value.


It was quite a challenging environment but very fulfilling.


What do we know about what will get disabled people active, and how do we make that happen in a real sport and leisure environment?


Particularly in challenging contexts, you’ve got to have that sense of optimism and confidence that things can happen.


Sometimes you can forget to live the values that you’ve subsequently understood were really important.

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