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Helen Rowbotham


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Our guest this episode is Helen Rowbotham, CEO of Access Sport.

Helen identified that a career in sports management was her focus and upon graduating from Loughborough, she started her career in sports consultancy where she cut her teeth on both international and national projects as the sector grew.

Now CEO of Access Sport, she is committed to establishing a new strategy that focuses on raising the profile of the charity and its drive for inclusion across all sports.

During the episode we hear about Helen’s time in consultancy and reflect on the impact of the project she worked on. We also discuss how the skills and experiences have shaped her approach to leading the charity.


It feels quite satisfying, having been there from day one and being a tiny cog in obviously a huge project.


If you follow a process, you’ll find a solution.


The challenge is how can we support more organisations and ultimately support more young people by expanding our offer.


Everybody should be able to access different community sports offers.


You don’t have to know what that end goal is all the time. Just know that you’re passionate about what you do.

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