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In today’s episode, James speaks to Guin Batten, a British rower, consultant for British Rowing & World Rowing, international speaker, and the Deputy CEO of Volleyball England. Guin has over 20 years of experience within the sports and talent development sectors having worked with Sport England, the Youth Sport Trust, British Canoeing, and now Volleyball England.

Volleyball England is the home of English Indoor, Beach, and Sitting. With the zeal to help players and volunteers feel more engaged. Guin is working within the sport to build a People Plan that will guide how they recruit, upskill and value coaches, officials, and volunteers.

Tune in as James and Guin speak about:

  • Her journey, success, and accolades in rowing
  • Guin’s real desire and efforts to give back to the youths and sports community
  • Their fascinating rowing adventure across the English Channel
  • The Impact sports have had on her life and why she has the zeal to spread the vibration
  • Biggest challenges in volleyball today
  • The kind of key pillars sought after by the current crop of recruiters
  • How to use the strong vision and emotional side of your team is a recipe for a successful business and effective team


… and so much more!


I was incredibly frustrated because I wanted to accelerate quicker and faster. And in athletics, if you put the hard work in, the hard work comes back.


I was pretty fit still, and I realised actually, why don’t I go and break a record?


I saw a real link between behaviour and the lessons of sport to help you in that process.


Make sure the systems and processes aren’t leading you, they’re giving you opportunities.


Maybe I could have spent more time enjoying the successes that I’ve had along the way.

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