Athlete Transition

Athlete Transition


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In today’s episode, James speaks to Conrad Balatoni and Laura Gallagher. Laura is an athlete mentor at the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and a British trampoline gymnast. After an extraordinary career as one of the UK’s most accomplished trampolinists, Laura is guiding young people paths using sport and physical activity as a development tool.

Conrad Balatoni, a former professional Scottish footballer, embarked on a remarkable journey that began with playfully diving to save a balloon on a sofa. This passion for the game propelled him towards an illustrious 11-year career as an international football player. Now, looking ahead to the present, Conrad has successfully transitioned to a life as a financial advisor at St James’s Place Wealth Management.

Tune in as James, Conrad & Laura speak about:

  • Laura’s Contradictory sporting background
  • Their debuts to professional sporting levels and how they progressed onwards
  • Evolution of sports funding from past to present
  • Challenges female athletes encounter in pursuit of sporting excellence
  • Their key takeaways while stepping out of professional sports
  • The catalyst behind the paths they’re currently taking
  • How they keep themselves centered and at high performance
  • What’s their focus for the future


… and so much more!


I’m really glad that I did all of those things alongside this sport. I don’t know if I’d still be doing it now as an adult if I hadn’t done that. (Laura)


I’m still exploring what I want to do, but I feel more prepared for it and have a clearer idea. (Laura)


just thought I’m too good not to make it as a footballer one way or another. (Conrad)


And the more I spoke to them, it just kind of felt like it was the right thing to do. (Conrad)


There’s nothing you can change, so what’s the point? You can only learn from it and move on. (Conrad)

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