Dallaglio RugbyWorks

Zenna Hopson


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Our guest in this episode is Zenna Hopson, CEO of Dallaglio RugbyWorks.

Zenna has established herself as an innovator and an entrepreneur working to establish her own companies and invest in others.

Her current role as CEO of Dallaglio RugbyWorks draws on her experience increasing revenue, maintaining educational regulation, and developing CSR practices in the private sector.

We discuss Zenna’s early life and business ventures and her journey to become the Chair of Ofsted and her take on sport and physical activity in education and the current curriculum.


There are fantastic schools, and I saw that in my time at Ofsted, where the schools absolutely understand how to put the learner at the heart of what they’re doing.


My driving force is can I make a difference? Can I contribute something positive to this?


School sports were valued, and there was investment in it.


Our passion and our reason to get out of bed is to work with young people who have been failed by mainstream education.


Stop giving yourself a hard time, like yourself, and you will succeed.

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